Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gear review

  • G3 Tonic skis: A delight on anything but ice. On powder, the best skis I've ever skied: very well balanced, they flex evenly and give back a controlled pop out of the turn, and they allow me to go faster with confidence.
  • G3 Alpinist skins: The good: light weight; the best tip attachment of any skins I've owned. The bad: mediocre glue, already losing stickiness after only 12 days of use; fiddly tail attachment.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First two ebooks

My first ebooks, purchased through the Google ebookstore, read on a Samsung Galaxy Tab as I traveled for the holidays:

The Tab is just the right size to hold on one hand, the screen is bright but not tiring for my eyes, and the battery lasts for a whole day of reading. And the Tab also does all those useful Android things, which is especially convenient on WiFi-equipped planes (US Airways, please, please, put GoGo on the rest of your Airbus fleet). The Google Books app is simple and functional.

What's missing is a means of sharing books with family, as we do all the time with paper books.