Sunday, July 22, 2007

TSA follies

I flew from SFO to PHL yesterday on United, checking one bag. At the bag claim in PHL, at first I thought my bag hadn't made it. but it had, except that it had on it an unexpected bright green TSA-approved lock. Which I could not open. After talking with the pleasant United baggage man, we figured out what might have happened: the TSA bag screeners took the lock from another bag using their master key and put it on my (possibly similar) bag by mistake. Unfortunately, it was after 11 pm and the TSA office in PHL was closed. Today I called them, but I ended up in voice-mail hell. Just went to the local Home Depot to get some bold cutters, the silly lock has gone to join the choir invisible of vacuous security precautions.

Given how trivial it was to remove the lock with bolt cutters, why are people wasting their money on these?

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Mark Johnson said...

Come on Fernando, you do it to dissuade itchy fingers, like the ones described in this story