Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hands on with Kindle

Hands on with Kindle: [...] The layout? Not so great. Forced justification with apparently no hyphenation dictionary or hinting in the format. That's a huge failure. On a private list, I noted that, "Justification without hyphenation is like taxation without representation." That is, the poor letters and word groupings have no input into how they're displayed, which makes for a poor republic.

(Via TidBITS.)

That's all we need to know about the Kindle. Thanks, Glenn Fleishman!

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G said...

Hi Fernando - small world! (either that or you're not the same Fernando Pereira who was at Edinburgh some years back... I suspect it's a common name!)

I've been looking into this area myself, and you can have hyphenation with justification on the Kindle as long as you publish in eBook format. However with just the HTML browser, there's no justification unless you position each word explicitly using <div>s, and no hyphenation unless you pre-hyphenate your text with HTML's soft-hyphen entity, <shy>

I'm writing up more detail as I work it out on my blog: