Friday, July 11, 2008

Flying over Greenland

Returning from ICML on July 9, on United 901 Frankfurt->SFO, I was treated to hours of amazing views of Iceland, Southern Greenland, and Baffin Bay. I had a window seat and I took over 150 photos. I still have to do some pruning — I don't have much experience taking pictures through an airplane window — and anyway Picasa uploading is failing for me at the moment (Unsupported output format: text/xml (status 400)?). Here's a picture of a scene that is as beautiful in its subtle color as it is ominous: pools of meltwater on the ice sheet. More pictures and commentary later.

Update: The Picasa discussions suggested reinstalling the uploader. I did it with Google Updater, and photo uploading is working again. Here are the least fuzzy 64 pictures I took, East to West during 50 minutes of overlying the Southern tip of Greenland. There was always some mist in the air, and thicker clouds as well, so terrain coverage is not continuous. You can see the approach to the deeply glaciated East coast, then a few shots of the crevassed icecap with some melt pools, and then the Western edge, mostly free of ice.


Rick Reeve said...

I've just had the same problem. Each file was processed from its original RAW format into JPEG using PS Elements 6.0, something I've done successfully hundreds of times to Picasa. In the end I was able to export the photos directly from my iPhoto library as .tif files. Go figure?

addiragram said...

What a beautiful collection dear brother!