Friday, August 1, 2008

Brain Rules and Computer Science Education

Brain Rules and Computer Science Education: I just finished reading Brain Rules by John Medina [...] The point is that in medical school students are learning the theory of medicine at the same time they are practicing it [...] I think Computer Science education can really benefit from such a model. I obviously don't have all the details worked out here, but imagine that every Computer Science department (or set of departments) had a software company on the side. As students go through the program, they start getting tasks from that company to build software for it, participate in designs, see how product decisions affect engineering processes, and even see some company politics at work. [...] Given that these companies are likely to have challenges competing in the market, they need to address a niche of customers who are willing to put up with lousy service, mediocre products and delays in software release cycles. I.e., customers who have nowhere else to go! [...] These customers are called scientists (Via Alon Halevy's Blog.)

We are on the same page, Alon.

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