Monday, January 19, 2009

Wu on Zittrain's Future of the Internet

Wu on Zittrain's Future of the Internet: [...]Tim Wu has a great review of Jonathan Zittrain's book.[...]On the Internet, distributing content is so cheap that economies of scale in distribution just don't matter. On a per-reader basis, my personal blog certainly costs more to operate than CNN. But the cost is so small that it's simply not a significant factor in deciding whether to continue publishing it. Even if the larger sites capture the bulk of the readership and advertising revenue, that doesn't preclude a "long tail" of small, often amateur sites with a wide variety of different content. (Via Freedom to Tinker.)


steve said...

agree. but places like the telcos still believe that all people want to do is consume video. When I talk with them there is this feeling they believe they can still control it all and control comes through video to the home, controlling bandwidth and making those evil "heavy users" like Google, pay their share.

They fundamentally don't get it and will probably lose even more money - especially with an administration that might be a little less supportive.

steve said...
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