Monday, February 9, 2009

Math: the book

Math: the book: [...]While visiting IAS to give a talk, I noticed on several of my friends’ desks heavily-bookmarked copies of the Princeton Companion to Mathematics: a 1000-page volume that’s sort of an encyclopedia of math, history of math, biographical dictionary of math, beginners’ guide to math, experts’ desk reference of math, philosophical treatise on math, cultural account of math, and defense of math rolled into one, written by about 130 topic specialists and edited by the Fields medalist, blogger, and master expositor Timothy Gowers. (Via Shtetl-Optimized.)

Yum, yum.


Peter Norvig said...

I noticed that too, and order a copy, but it hasn't arrived yet.

steve said...

I was hoping for a copy as a holiday gift -- I hinted and hinted ...

My birthday is in June, so I need to start working on people again.