Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last weekend in Tahoe

Route 89 NCongested I-80 West

My blogging backlog is getting worse... Last weekend there was a fast-moving storm that dropped over one foot of fairly dry, creamy powder around Tahoe. I skied Squaw Saturday — decent spring conditions — and Sunday — my best inbounds runs of the season. Too busy skiing to take pictures, but I wanted to capture the beautiful late afternoon light on the snow driving back from Squaw to the Bay Area.

Thanks to:

  • Rick and David from showing me around Squaw, which I don't know so well, on Saturday.
  • The fast-moving Alaskan low that decorated KT-22 with sweet powder, and the following winds that kept refilling East Bowl.
  • Karhu and Dinafit for a powder-skiing setup that works beautifully.
  • The hitch-hikers I picked at the 7-11 by the Backcountry for having the brilliant idea of calling the number of my lost phone Sunday afternoon in Truckee.
  • Truckee Airport fire station, in particular fireman Adam, for finding my phone fallen on the Wild Cherries parking lot and keeping it safe. I owe you the best ice cream I can find.

No thanks to:

  • Out-of-control snowboarder who it me at high speed on the beginner Sunnyside run Saturday, breaking one of my ski poles and leaving a black-and-blue swelling on my right hip, and refused to accept responsibility until I suggested we talk to the ski patrol.
  • The usual clueless drivers on I-80 West who make the traffic worse for everybody with their lane changes and tailgating.

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