Sunday, May 3, 2009

Parental bragging

You'll probably hate it, Daniel, but I'm too happy and proud to not blog this news:

Daniel Pereira teaches English at a small, private school in Springfield that serves students who have dropped out or somehow fallen through the cracks in public schools. He shares his love of literature at GW Community School and over time has served as a mentor for students struggling with drug addiction, social anxiety or learning disabilities.
He uses offbeat techniques to engage students, such as teaching a class on graphic novels or using a Run-DMC song to teach iambic pentameter. As the school's college counselor, he also helps many students make a sometimes difficult transition. One parent wrote that his son, who was unhappy and shut off as a teenager, began to pay attention in Pereira's class. The teen developed interests in poetry and philosophy and is studying creative writing in college.
"Students often say that Mr. Pereira is the toughest teacher they've ever had, but also their favorite," wrote Alexa C. Warden, the school's director, in her nomination of Pereira.


steve said...

This is the right sort of bragging - well done Daniel!!

addiragram said...

Parabéns Daniel,Parabéns Fernando!