Friday, July 3, 2009

Future Music

I recently became a member of SF Jazz, and just bought tickets for some of their festival concerts in the fall:

I might be tempted to book a few more later, but these were the dates that I could be fairly sure of now.

Why isn't there a similar organization in Philly? There are several venues there that bring excellent jazz and world music artists, but if they worked together, they could create a lot more focus and excitement around the music.

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addiragram said...

Sabes que Sara Tavares foi descoberta na 1ª edição do programa da S.I.C. "Chuva de Estrelas"(93/94)? Ganhou o 1º prémio.A partir daí, tem sido uma longa caminhada. Fico contente por poderes saborear essas óptimas oportunidades!