Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing RECAP: Turning PACER Around

Introducing RECAP: Turning PACER Around: [...]Today, we are excited to announce the public beta release of RECAP, a tool that will help bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the U.S. federal court system. RECAP is a plug-in for the Firefox web browser that makes it easier for users to share documents they have purchased from PACER, the court's pay-to-play access system. With the plug-in installed, users still have to pay each time they use PACER, but whenever they do retrieve a PACER document, RECAP automatically and effortlessly donates a copy of that document to a public repository hosted at the Internet Archive. The documents in this repository are, in turn, shared with other RECAP users, who will be notified whenever documents they are looking for can be downloaded from the free public repository. RECAP helps users exercise their rights under copyright law, which expressly places government works in the public domain. It also helps users advance the public good by contributing to an extensive and freely available archive of public court documents. (Via Freedom to Tinker.)

This is so cool! If it takes off, the document analysis and text mining possibilities will be endless.

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Unknown said...

Sometimes, I wonder if the legal profession is all about having an excellent knowledge bank (good convincing skills are also important)
I am pretty much sure, this will erode the monopoly that some lawyers have on the market.
Besides text mining, it would be great if we can make a "hyper lawyer" who can make put forth his case, based on the previous court judgments :)