Sunday, September 20, 2009

Localization of emotion perception in the brain of fish

Localization of emotion perception in the brain of fish: This is beautiful work, showing that certain areas in the brain of mature Atlantic Salmon 'light up' when the animal is asked to categorize the emotions expressed by a set of (human) faces:

More amazing still is the fact that the fish performed this task while dead. (Via Language Log).

Read the whole thing. Some great comments too, and links to related material. Don't laugh too hard at fMIR misinterpretations, we are all susceptible to wishful thinking and to reading too much into laboriously collected data, and all statistical analyses of complex data use simplifications that could get us in trouble.

Someone better at comedy than me might have a go at translating the Monty Python dead parrot pet shop sketch into a dead salmon sketch at a neuroimaging conference. At least "pining for the fjords" would be just right already.

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