Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sam's ideas

Earlier today, I was discussing with colleagues a problem in feature selection for logistic regression. I recalled that I had discussed the problem with Sam some months ago, and that he had a clever suggestion on how to approach it. I searched my email, and there it was. I read it, I read it again. I thought I got the main idea, but I was missing something. I wanted to ask Sam. He seemed to have seen farther, as he so often did. I needed his help. But I couldn't call him.

I fear re-reading Sam's messages. They are stolen rays from a receding star that I can never reach.

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Fred said...

That last sentence took my breath away.

I only met Sam once briefly when I saw him give a talk some years ago, but have taken so much from his tutorials and video lectures.I feel the magnitude of this loss is staggering for so many people and reasons. My thoughts are with everyone whose lifepaths intersected with Sam's.