Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sugarbowl to Squaw

Drove up to Sugarbowl yesterday (Saturday) to join three other ASI clients for a one-day ski traverse from Sugarbowl to Squaw guided by Logan Talbott. It's just under 8 miles as the crow flies but more like 12 miles given the terrain (once again forgot to set MyTracks on my phone to record the actual track, so this is based on what Logan said). We left the top of Sugarbowl's Lincoln lift at 9:06am and arrived at the Squaw parking lot at 3:59pm, a pretty good pace that included a beautiful lunch break at the top of Tinker Knob (photo). The forecast had been for cloudy skies with 30% chance of showers, but it was dry and fairly warm the whole day. Ski conditions ranged from good corn to very sticky mank, with the good surprise being the drop into Squaw, which had much better snow than we expected for mid-afternoon because of the cooling from the breeze and high clouds. Cold lager at the Cham was a perfect way to finish the day.

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