Sunday, July 1, 2018

Jazz wonders

  • Heard Christian McBride's New Jawn Quartet at Stanford last night. I knew it would be good, but it was way above good, it was revelatory. All new music, no pretension, no concession to easy listening, superbly tight. I had heard them at SFJAZZ in 2016, they were good but they did not make this intense impression. Yesterday, Waits was like a fast current in a deep channel, many overlaid rhythms, no derivative splash. Waits and McBride set an intense pace, which Evans and Strickland rode creatively without ever going lax or derivative. Still recovering, like a scary steep ski descent. They'll be recording, album expected Sept-Oct. But best, they are touring widely. Go hear them!

  • Great detailed review of Charles Lloyd and the Marvels + Lucinda Williams's Vanished Gardens.
  • Wonderful, long historical interview with Bill Frisell. Includes a link to a bootleg video of Paul Motian Trio (Motian, Frisell, Joe Lovano) at Jazz em Agosto, Lisboa 1986. Frisell and Lovano look so young!

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