Monday, April 16, 2007

Mount Dana

My flight from SFO to PHL routed between Tahoe and Yosemite. From my right-side window, the view South over the High Sierra was beautifully clear, with no trace of the weekend's storm that made our Saturday and Sunday Tahoe ski tours a bit of a challenge. Starting from Mono Lake, it was easy to find Mount Dana with its twin snow-filled couloirs, Dana Couloir on the left, bracketing the summit, and Dana Plateau below with its cliffs down to Ellery Bowl and to Lee Vining Canyon. Several of the plateau's couloirs were also visible. I kept checking on all of the Tioga Pass peaks I could recognize until the scene disappeared behind the plane. I wasn't able to visit Tioga Pass there this winter or last, and I heard that the last two winters have not been kind to the winter lodge operation at Tioga Pass Resort. I hope they will recover and that I can visit next winter.

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addiragram said...

As "tuas" montanhas estão cheias de vida.Falas delas com paixão!