Sunday, April 22, 2007

Two nature books

My recent trip to California primed picking up two books: The Last Season by Eric Blehm, about Sierra backcountry ranger Randy Morgenson, and The Wild Trees, by Richard Preston, about the search for the tallest redwoods in the temperate rain forest remains of Northern California. The Last Season, like its subject, asked for pauses. It asks tough questions of anyone who tries to balance the mountains with the rest of life. As for The Wild Trees, even though I knew part of the material from The New Yorker, I got it Friday afternoon at the Penn Book Center, and I didn't put it down for much until I finished it at 3 am Saturday.

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Unknown said...

If you liked The Wild Trees, here are some photographs of those California redwood titans to go along with it:

Atlas Grove and Grove of Titans

Iluvatar, Atlas Tree, Lost Monarch, Adventure Tree and so on.

Hope the page is useful.