Sunday, February 17, 2008

Phone company closed on Sundays

Phone company closed on Sundays: After trying the various phone numbers on the AT&T Wireless site, including 1-800-331-0500, 611 from my cellphone, and 800‑288‑2747 from, it seems that AT&T provides no customer service on Sunday. So, if your phone or their software is broken, you are SOL. (Via Joho the Blog.)

It's not just Wireless. I tried to get service Friday evening for the Palo Alto townhouse I'm moving into. The at&t/SBC site led me through a long set of choices, just to dump me at checkout because of "extended maintenance." Tried again yesterday. Another problem cropped up, an option I had selected on Friday was no longer available. And I was dumped at checkout again. And many other mis/malfuctions. No phone number to buy service. This is what an unregulated monopoly is like.

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Kostas Daniilidis said...

What a coincidence! Today I received a bill from AT&T charging me for
phone number X which I had under Verizon and had cancelled after we moved since May 2007. The bill was forwarded from my old address before May 2007. It was a bill of $87 on number X for inititated services and calls in January 2008. The bill was on my name although I have not been an AT&T customer since 1999. The funny thing is that it is not a fraud: a family got this number this January (I called the number) and probably some crazy software got the address from Verizon and made it the address for this number (regular address not even billing, who knows where 911 will go if called). The operator (named Nancy with a strong Indian accent) spent about 20min to cancel the phone number and eliminate the charges (I am not sure that I will not get a bill again). The funniest thing was that at the end she finished the service call saying: "Sir, would you like to have ATT service on your new phone number". Upon my rude reaction she told me that she would lose her job if she would not ask this question at the end of each customer's call.

Very happy FIOS customer (without TV) and even happier with the very recommended Skype phone VOIP841 from Philips.