Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Broadband? What broadband?

You'd think that in Palo Alto, this most wired of towns, it would be easy to get high-speed internet. Not a chance. After the embarrassing failures of both at&t's and Comcast's online ordering systems, we used the phone to call at&t (née SBC) to get POTS and DSL to our Palo Alto home. What should have been a trivial process turned into a comedy of errors (like giving us a business number and having to backtrack to a residential number, making Ana waste countless hours with halfwitted service representatives). This was all supposedly fixed and DSL service should have been on from 8 pm today. Of course not. After 45 minutes with technical support, they concluded that I have to call provisioning during business hours tomorrow, because there's some mysterious notation in our order record that suggests the provisioning is not finished. I will call them, most likely to cancel their DSL service.

In the meanwhile, I give thanks to T-Mobile for a not too slow EDGE network around here, which I'm using to get internet until the telecom monopolies deign to give me some wired bits.

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