Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Study: Warming Threatens Lake Tahoe's Pristine Waters

Study: Warming Threatens Lake Tahoe's Pristine Waters: Climate change is altering water circulation in Lake Tahoe to extent that the lake's fabled cobalt blue waters may turn a murky green within a decade, a study finds. (Via Wired News.)

TahoeNahuel Huapi

That would be an environmental and esthetic disaster beyond accounting. Tahoe and Nahuel Huapi are twin jewels of the last glaciation, deep blue shades surrounded by white and dark green that remind us of the stunning world that we evolved into but are now undoing.

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steve said...

Sadly there are many things that are non-linear and right at the edge. I was very shocked to see the changes in central Alaska a few years ago. The lack of permafrost has forced major vegetation changes in just a few years. Biologist friends tell me coral reefs are being destroyed at an alarming rate (mostly pH changes from increased carbon dioxide).

The most disturbing thing is that none of us (myself included) seem to be doing very much about it.