Monday, May 12, 2008

Powerset Launches!

Powerset Launches!: Meanwhile, I'm waiting for Fernando to pounce.[...]Secondly (actually, this is more important) pundits are going to write about the wikipedia-only issue. They're not getting it. 90% of search results come from a tiny fraction of web pages due to the huge redundancy on the web and the differences between searcher needs and author/publisher intents. The task isn't to always search that huge set, but to get the answers to the user. (Via Data Mining.)

No pouncing. The demo is interesting, which is what I expected from the smart folks at Powerset. Congratulations to them. But I've seen nothing yet that contradicts my earlier observations in this blog or in the NYT.

As for the huge redundancy of the web, forgive my skepticism. If I search for "Matthew Hurst", I want your blog first, not some more popular page that happens to make some of your blog redundant. The tail of the distribution matters.

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