Sunday, May 18, 2008

They must be having a great Spring skiing season in Colorado

PHL->SFO this morning, I slept in my left-hand-side, over-the-wing window seat, much of the route before the first rise of the Rockies. Looking down, I didn't see the usual landmarks, and at first I thought we were on a very northerly route. Then I saw three obvious ski areas, the last two close together, with the last one very big and vaguely familiar. Lots of snow still down to below tree line. Eventually I figured out that the last two neighboring ski areas were likely to be Aspen and Snowmass, with the distinctive jagged N-facing cirque below the summit at Snowmass. Later we crossed the Sierra SE->NW, with Mammoth and June Mountain clearly visible, and Tioga Pass briefly glanced ahead of the wing, Dana Couloir still white (and probably totally icy).

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