Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charles Lloyd New Quartet

Another outing to Yoshi's Oakland, this time to hear Charles Lloyd (sax), Jason Moran (piano), Reuben Rogers (bass) ad Eric Harland (drums). An absolutely mesmerizing set. The most precisely timed, emotionally complex ensemble work since Gonzalo Rubalcaba's quintet last year. Jason Moran was at times almost too much to take. Wow. I thought the Indo-Pak Coalition last week pretty much filled the cup, but this time, the cup overflowed. Lloyd's quartet is less surprising stylistically, but the wisdom and depth of their music are hard to match.

Update: Forgot to say, there's a new recording out by the Charles Lloyd New Quartet that I bought at the show. We listened to some of it on the drive home. More formal, contained than the live performance, but an excellent review of the ideas and feelings that they explored on Yoshi's stage.

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