Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lost Trail @ Windy Hill

It's been pretty warm (for the Bay Area) in the last few days, and I started late because of the Chris Potter show. But the Lost Trail from the picnic site parking lot on Skyline SW to the gate on Skyline, around 2.6 miles, was partly shady, with beautifully cool hollows where stream moisture still lingered after the dry summer. My there-and-back run 5.2 mile run was relatively slow, I didn't want to twist an ankle on the single track, but very satisfying for the alternations between huge ridge views and secluded treed gulches. I'll be back.

Now, I need to talk to the CardioTrainer developers about why the program lost the first half of my run as I paused to regain my breath at the top of the steep climb to Skyline from 1800 ft. The program is supposed to pause when the user stops, and it did. But somehow, after I unlocked my Nexus One to look at the display, it seems to have decided to start a new run and discard the run so far. CardioTrainer has some nice features such as Google Health uploading and it generally seems to handle GPS better than RunKeeper, which I was using before, but it's a bit harder to control and it does not provide statistics such as splits in a convenient form.

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