Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chris Potter Underground

Chris Potter (with Adam Rogers on electric guitar, Nate Smith on drums, and Fima Ephron on bass electric guitar) explored a musical territory that was quite unlike anything I've listened to recently, even in Potter and Smith's roles in the Dave Holland Quintet. Their main dish on two hypnotic sets were fast, almost fractal sax and guitar variations on bluesy, African, and Indian themes emerging from a funk background anchored in Smith's very fast, precise, subtly unpredictable work and filled by Ephron's droning bass lines and just right responses to Rogers. Shades of Miles's funk period, and of some of Dave Holland's funkier compositions, but always original and a wonderful reminder of the many dimensions of this music, where I can listen to three great ensembles in two weeks, and be wowed by each in turn because they build so much that is unique on a shared inclusive musical culture. A delight.

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