Thursday, February 8, 2007

RIAA suggests Apple open up FairPlay

RIAA suggests Apple open up FairPlay:
Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) chairman and chief executive Mitch Bainwol has rejected Apple CEO Steve Jobs' plea to remove the requirement of digital rights management (DRM) from digital music, suggesting instead that the Cupertino-based company instead open up its FairPlay DRM to competitors.
[...]ainwol argues that the move would allow more consumers to make use of the iTunes Store to play tracks on portable players other than the iPod. "We have no doubt that a technology company as sophisticated and smart as Apple could work with the music community to make that happen," the chairman said.

And while Apple is working on it, why don't they also invent faster-than-light flight and perpetual motion? Did the RIAA forget SDMI, or are they conveniently omitting that "open" DRM debacle?

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