Thursday, February 15, 2007

That annoying natural world

Drivers stuck for full day on Pa. road: Eugene Coleman, who is hyperglycemic, was trapped for 20 hours while on his way home to Hartford, Conn. from visiting his terminally ill mother in Georgia, along with his girlfriend and pregnant daughter. "How could you operate a state like this? It's totally disgusting," Coleman said. "God forbid somebody gets really stuck on the highway and has a life-threatening emergency. That person would have died."

He set out from Georgia while all the weather forecasts on the Eastern seaboard warned of a very large storm. He chose to take an inland route. It was obvious on Wednesday that traveling on the highway around here would be a really bad idea for at least 36 hours. Schools were closed. Motorists were warned to avoid traveling. Coleman did, and he and many others like him cost Pennsylvania a significant expense in emergency services because they couldn't be bothered to change their travel plans. They needed a reminder that Nature still bites.

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